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TestForge currently provides support for testing within the development cycle on agile projects. This includes support for defect management, automated unit, functional and regression testing and static code analysis via a continuous integration environment.

Moving forward, will provide full-support for all testing activities including Performance, Scalability, Reliability, Interoperability, Operational, Net-Ready KPP, and IA. The platform will leverage existing agency tools and capabilities in a fully-managed, cloud (RACE) environment. The test capability within will extend and compliment the other ALM services to enable successful acquisitions of enhanced capabilities for the warfighter.

The test capability in will allow the DoD Community to:

  • Share information
  • Improve risk management
  • Eliminate duplication and reduce cost
  • Conduct comprehensive, mission-focused test events, faster
  • Ensure decision makers and users have all relevant information to better understand capabilities and limitations
  • Quickly provision "production-like" nodes on the cloud to serve as the test environments
  • Automatically deploy desired test tools from a catalog of integrated tools
  • Connect to the team's Build Automation environment, ALM tool and SCM
  • Deploy test-ready builds from onto on an on-demand basis
  • Automatically deploy VNTB onto the cloud for Interoperability testing

DoD Enterprise Tools Initiative

Enterprise Tools The DoD CIO Enterprise Tools Initiative is an effort under the direction of the Enterprise Guidance Board (EGB) to promote the adoption and on-going enhancement of software that is of particular value to the DoD Enterprise. Supporting open source and DoD community source development efforts, the DoD Enterprise Tools Initiative is designed to maximize the value of software development efforts occurring within the DoD community that may be of significant value to others within the DoD Enterprise. The effort is designed to help promote adoption of potentially useful tools and build diverse developer communities that will contribute to the on-going support and enhancement of the capability.

The process to become an Enterprise Tool starts when a member of the Enterprise Services Review Group (ESRG) sponsors the tool or project to enter an incubation phase. The goal of the incubation phase is to establish a mature software baseline supported by a diverse developer community that can effectively support the tool's continued growth and dependability. Graduation from the incubation phase requires the approval of the ESRG, a certified software baseline and a development community capable of supporting the tool. DoD components are encouraged to adopt Enterprise Tools rather than acquire or develop conflicting or duplicative capabilities.

In support of the Enterprise Tools initiative, SoftwareForge will provide a development environment for a project community during the incubation phase and beyond. SoftwareForge provides tools for successful growth of the project community and the management of the development effort. In order to enter the incubation phase, candidate project communities will need to establish a project leader, create a project on SoftwareForge, commit their source code to the SoftwareForge version control repository, post any file release, and establish trackers to manage requirements, bugs, issues, and change requests across the community. The SoftwareForge Community Support Team will assist the project community in establishing their project space and help to grow the project community by promoting it to other related projects, developers and users within

More information on this effort will become available during May 2010 as the Enterprise Tools space is established and the first tools become approved by the ESRG.

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